Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Kure beach - last few days

I awoke on our final full day to deal with the kids.  Paul had been awesome at giving me lie ins, so it was time to return the favor.  This was the beautiful sunrise I awoke too.

It was another lovely sunny day.  We had already decided to try and go out for dinner, so we kicked around the condo most of the morning.  After lunch we kitted the boys out in their swimming trunks, and set them lose on the beach

They had a great time kicking around in the waves, and typically, when you dress them up to get wet, no one falls in!  I just wish the weather had been a title better.  We grabbed our swimming gear, and headed over to the indoor pool.

The joys of being on the ocean, you can literally watch the weather roll in.

After a swim, we headed down to Carolina Beach, an area of seafront about a 15 minute drive from Kure Beach. The boardwalk there is very well known, and many people vacation their year on year. Unfortunately for us, the boardwalk was undergoing MAJOR renovations.  The boardwalk area is over 80 years old, we all need a facelift now and then! 

You could still access certain businesses, mainly the bars.  But there were photo places for small chimps to mess around on

There was a major fire in one of the amusement buildings in September 2014.  Below you can see the damage that still hasn't been repaired 

The renovations on the boardwalk are supposed to be completed by the end of this month.  From what we saw, it doesn't look likely.  I really hope they can get it finished in time.  Seaside towns like Carolina Beach rely on their tourist revenue to survive.  I hope Carolina Beach manages to survive.

For our final meal, we ate at Havana's.  This is also where we ate on our first night.  We found them very accommodating to  small children.  Any hostess/ server who moves wine glasses on the table away from small hands gets a thumbs up in my book!  I fell in love with a cocktail called a Bahama Mama ( more on that in another post).   The kids liked it there, depute the fact there was no kids menu.  They had to talk to us, which was kinda nice!  The boys ate grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken fingers when we were there and polished them off.  On our first trip Paul and I both had bison burgers, with meat locally sourced in North Carolina.  The second time we had the prime rib special (only available on friday and saturday).  Both times, the food was delicious, with the meat being particularly melt in the mouth.  If you want a good meal out in Kure Beach / Carolina Beach area, this is the place to come.  We would definitely be back. 

Havana's on Urbanspoon

We awoke fairly early the next morning.  It always amazes me how quickly we can pack a family of 5 up, empty a house, give it a quick once over and pack a car.  The boys were amazingly cooperative (they wanted to play kindles), so we were able to get on the ferry back to Southport at 9.15am!

Everyone had a good time, but we were all looking forward to getting home.

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