Monday, 16 March 2015

Kure Beach - Wrightsville Beach

We had one really good sunny, almost warm, day while we were in North Carolina.  We decided to spend it at Wrightsville Beach.  This is a town, about 20 miles north of Kure Beach, just to the east of Wilmington.  It is stunning.  You drive over a lovely bridge to reach the town itself, it is really aimed at tourists, boaters and beach lovers.  After driving around for a little while, we decided to stop by the fishing pier.

Unfortunately they had stopped the free car parking 3 days earlier, so we had to pay to park.  We attempted to access the pier, but like Myrtle Beach, you seemed to have to go through a store, and pay a fee.  No thank you.

Instead we headed on to the beach.

This beach was a lot like the one right by the condo, it's like they are the same strip of sand or something....

It was just so windy.  A warm wind, but windy.  It was kicking up little sand storms all over the place, and our children are still learning how to deal with these kind of things.  These need to be experienced, and guided for the kids.  We did our best to shelter them.  but our tummies were growling, so we headed in search of some lunch.

Paul had spied somewhere on Urbanspoon, but I had spotted somewhere while we were driving round.  We headed to The Oceanic.  This is a restaurant situated right on the beach,  this was our view from the table.

We ended up sitting upstairs, at the back of the restaurant in a booth.  Paul and I both had Land Shark beer, while the boys had sprite.  Service was a little slow to say the least.  It took a good chunk of time for Paul and I to get our beers. We went with the usual for the boys.  I went with the fish and chips in the basket.  Food was also a little slow to come, and when it did arrive, they forgot Sebastian's fries.   My fish and chips also did not have its lemon or tartar sauce.  I am getting a little particular over this!  But it was tasty, the view was tremendous, and it was with putting up with the iffy service.  

The Oceanic has its own pier, which can be hired for private functions, or just strolled along like we did!  There were plenty of people sitting in the outside seating area, and I can imagine in the heat of the summer the place would be jumping!

Th Oceanic lacks slightly in restroom facilities.  There are 4 toilets available for clients use.  They are unable to add more due to rules governing the changing of old buildings on Wrightsville Beach.  Not great if the place is busy!

Oceanic Restaurant & Grill on Urbanspoon

We decided to head back to Kure Beach, stopping for essential supplies (beer) on the way.  We tried out the indoor pool.  

We made a firm rule with the boys that they were not to use the hot tub.  They did as they were told.  The pool was perfect for them, there were only two other people using it, and they stayed well clear of our children!!!

The pool tired them out, and they went to bed perfectly.  There was an absolutely stunning full moon.  I did my best to get a good photo

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