Friday, 13 March 2015

Kure Beach - North Carolina Aquarium

The weather while we were in Kure Beach was ok.  It wasn't hot, but when the sun came out you felt it.  We had a few showery days, but it was the first week of March, so I think it was to be expected.

Despite the chill, the boys had great fun on the beach.  The way the tide is eroding it, it leaves like a cliff of sand.  The boys had great fun falling down the cliff.  Every time after the beach, their wellies would be full of sand!

As they had their wellies on, they couldn't resist splashing in the waves.  Until someone fell in.  Typically this was Sebastian. Luckily the condo was right there, so I was able to get him back and under a warm shower.

We saw a fair amount of wildlife.  Most of it was hiding from the cold though.  We saw a few Pelicans, one dolphin ( no trip to the beach now is completely without seeing Dolphins), and an osprey with a fish in his claws flew over the top of the car.  Amazing.

We probably saw the most wildlife at the North Carolina Aquarium.  We could have walked here form the condo, it was so close.  Ad midweek, ridiculously quiet.

The ladies who volunteer here were extremely informative, even if our children kept walking off when they were telling them facts.  This is certainly not the biggest aquarium we have been too.  To be honest, we though it was a bit rubbish.  But our kids love aquariums, and all water animals.

Isaac made friends with a sea turtle.  It was lovely.  They had a baby one ready to be released back into the wild in a separate tank.  This area of the North Carolina shore is known for its fossilized sharks teeth.  We didn't find any one the beaches, but there were some massive ones in the aquarium.

To kill a few hours in the morning, the aquarium was good for the kids.  Wouldn't bother going back though.  

We headed of for a pizza lunch.  The boys had spotted Michelangelo's pizza in Carolina Beach when we had driven through, so we headed there.  We all went with massive slices each.  Paul and Oliver had pepperoni, Isaac and Seb had cheese and I had onions and peppers.  With drinks, the whole thing came to about 30 bucks, typical price we pay for pizza delivery at home.  The pizza was yummy, everyone finished, even if Oliver did assist his brothers in finishing theirs.  That boys is a pizza pig!

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The boys were adamant they wanted to go for ice cream after.  So we headed over the road to Magik Beans.  This is a coffee shop. It was full of local, and they weren't exactly ready for ice cream season (it was about 40 degrees, our kids are nuts).  The boys had 2 vanilla and one chocolate. We ordered a couple of lattes for ourselves, which were delicious. Again, only Oliver finished, so Paul and I ended up eating the other 2, while observing the locals in their own environment......

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