Friday, 27 March 2015

Cocktail Friday - piña colada

Hey everybody! 

Welcome to another edition of Cocktail Friday.  This weeks drink of choice: Pina Colada.  Ah, the beautiful taste of summer.  It's getting closer, can you feel it?!?

Ingredients for 2 drinks 

4oz light rum
2oz dark rum
4oz coconut cream
6oz pineapple juice

I put all the ingredients in the cocktail shaker, and well, shook.  

Ta - da.....

I initial poured these over ice cubes.  Man, they were STRONG.....  Literally every recipe I have seen for this says to combine all ingredients in a blender with ice.  I don't have a blender, so I had to improvise.

Second time round, I used crushed ice.  This made them taste not AS strong.  They still had a darn good kick though....

And that coconut cream, thats just weird stuff.  I was going to use coconut milk, but again, most recipes called fro the cream, so I purchased it anyway.  Who knows what else I can put it in....

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