Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Bank of America

We began Wednesday with a trip to Bank of America.  Here we set up our bank account and savings account.  Was fairly straight forward although their payment methods seem a bit antiquated, but that's how they do things....

We then had lunch and travelled to our house of choice to meet the realtor.  Seeing the house again just made it seem even more perfect, just what we needed.

From the house we travelled to the preschool, it was not a very far journey.  It is actually a school, Five Oaks Academy, which teaches using the Montessori method all the way to 14 years old. Isaac will go into a Class of kids aged 3-6, perfect for him.  The place was beautiful, the staff and resources seemed amazing.  The lady who showed us round was fab, and we all felt very happy leaving there in the hope it will be the preschool for Isaac.

We headed back to the hotel, the boys chilled out for a bit, then headed out for a bite to eat at Chillis. It was good.  We are looking forward to lots more eating out in the future....

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