Friday, 7 September 2012

What a week....

After awakening at lunchtime on Monday, Paul called the US Embassy appointment line to arrange our visa interviews.  The earliest they said they had was 3rd OCTOBER!!!! Cue some mild panic. The gentleman on the phone did say that we could send an email direct to the Embassy requesting an earlier appointment if they had one and we would receive an email within 5 days.... Spent the rest of the day doing washing, unpacking and generally trying to sort our lives out....  Our neighbours sister came round in the evening to scope out what furnitiure we had that she may like in her new house, was nice for a chat, and to begin clearing the house

Tuesday, I had my wonderful friend Faye round in the morning.  I had to wake the boys at 9.30am, even after hoovering!  Isaac and Seb went downstairs fine, but Oliver looked ill and didn't get out of bed till nearly 11am.  Was good to catch up with Faye, the long holidays can be hard for everyone.  Once Oli got up, I got Faye to look at his finger (shes a nurse).  She said it was definatly infected, so I called the docotrs, she gave me a call back and requested we went to see her.  We trooped to the doctors that afternoon, she reckons he has an infection, not sure if its his finger, his ear or his respiratory tract, so gave us a generic antibiotic to cover all of the above. 
Luckily in this time, Paul had received an email from the Embassy telling him that an appointment had become available on Monday 10th September, 8.30am.  So we grabbed it with both hands, and did a hop, skip and jump around the room.

Wednesday was Isaac back to preschool, Oliver had an inset day.  Had to wake them all at 8.30am. As they have been sleeping so long in the morning, Seb has not been napping till after lunch, which I am sooo not used to. Isaac went in a bit wary, but when I picked him up he was fine.  We spent the afternoon vegging round the house.

Thursday was Oliver back to school.  Isaac and Seb both woke before 7, Seb was shouting the house down.  Again I had to wake Oliver, but he was much brighter and more himself.  Got out of the house and to school just before the bell went.  Oliver got a bit upset going in as 1) he didn't want to go and 2) he didnt know what to do with his drink/snack.  He got very tearful.  Made me feel awful, especially as he is still under the weather.  Took Isaac to preschool, by now he was fine going in.  Came home, played with Seb/did some housework.  Put him down to sleep (finally a morning nap), and I was able to get on with some Uni work.  My next assignment is due on 6th October, and given our current time frame, I am concerned about getting it done.  Isaac had a massive smile on his face when I picked him up, seems to have one everyday!  I had a bit of a wobble this day.  We are 3 weeks from going and haven't been contacted by the shipping company, have no idea whats going on with the cat, and don't know our travel plans.  Oh yes, I was feeling a little on edge and stressed out on Thursday

But Friday was a new day.... Dropped the boys at school/preschool and headed to see my good friend Laura and her 3 week old baby Lana.  She is lovely.....  Then after collecting Isaac, my 2 fabulous South African friends came round to see me, and brought their kids for a play.  Lovely company, thank you ladies.  After school Oliver decided to watch Kung Fu Panda 2, he is still not quite well.  Paul came home early, with an email from the relocation company regarding the cat.  Basically their usual preferred airline is a pain in the a**e when it comes to transfering pets, all sorts of rules and regulations.  So they proposed a different route of travel, Heathrow to Munich, Munich to Charlotte. This is a good option, as we would not have to chance in the States, so would not have to pick the cat up then drop her off again.  In theory, they should board her on the first plane, then transfer her to the second, as it is the same carrier. 
Then we got our propsed itinery for our travel to the States.  Visa permitting, we should be flying on Friday 28th September from London Heathrow at 6.40am (we will be put up in a hotel the night before), landing in Munich at 9.25am, flying from Munich at 11.25 into Charlotte, NC (about 1 1/2 hours from Greenville).  Landing 3.15pm local time.  Pick up the rental car, and drive to the same hotel in Greenville.  In theory it should work well.  We should not have to transfer our bags like we would have to by doing a direct flight to the States then changing, especially as it is with the same carrier.  Plus we get to go to Germany, albeit just Munich airport....

So thats it.... We are going.... Visa interview permitting..... I need to call the airline and check their policy with taking car seats, as we want to take our own, rather than buy new ones. I also have to be sure of all the paperwork we need for the cat, so again this is another call to the airline.

We are off to the Goslings in Stanford in the Vale this weekend for our big family good bye ....  Hoping for not too many tears....

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