Tuesday, 4 September 2012

House hunting day 1

We awoke bright and early on the Monday morning, and headed downtown for our 2 hour meeting with the relocation company.  The company were great with the boys, put on a film for them to watch, although after half an hour they were bored, so we handed over the iPhones.  Seb was a bit unsettled but once I let him out to have a little explore he was very happy, plus the staff loved him!

Interesting things we found out at the meeting:  we both have to apply for South Carolina state driving licenses, take a theory and practical test within 90 days of arriving in state.  I do not get issued with a social security number, but it will be easier for Paul's tax return if I have one.  We have 8 hours of inter cultural training to do, any where and time we can fit it in.

After the meeting we began the house hunt...  The first one we saw was in the middle of no where with no communal pool.  A lot of the ones we saw on the first day were in Greer, a small town between Greenville and Spartenburg, but not too far from the plant.  We had been advised against this area, so we're not too keen.  The second one was nice, in Greer again, but with community pool and a fenced in back yard.  This was a maybe house.  The next house had no fence, backed onto a stream then a road, not too mention the basement was awash with fleas....we left that house pretty quick.the next one had 3 levels of the basement, 4 bedrooms, but was in a very shady area, no proper fencing, still under renovation (admittedly the work they had done was to a very high standard). We moved onto the final house.  This was a really nice house, in a good community, near the communal pool.  Unfortunately the garden was only about double the size of our current garden, and fenced in.  For this reason we had to say no.

We left our agent about 2.30 feeling pretty despondent, wondering if we were ever going to find the right house.  We headed for some lunch, then back to the pool to let the boys let off some steam.  We headed to TGI Fridays for dinner that night, all I can say is yummy.  The food was great, we will defiantly be back there again.  The boys had a slightly later night, ready for their even earlier morning the next day.

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  1. I’m pretty sure it’s the exhaustion that made you feel despondent that day. It’s rare that people find the right house on the first day of house hunting. Although, I hope you’ve found the one you’re looking for not long after you started your search. Have a good day!

    Willard Evans @ Wow Homes