Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Look and See Sunday

Day two....

We awoke not too early, had a leisurely breakfast.  We decided to visit the local supermarket, Whole Foods, who we later discovered are the US equivalent of Marks and Spencer.  We then decided to go for a little drive into Greenville to scope out where we were meeting Paul's work colleagues/ friends for lunch.  Luckily the boys had a sleep in the car, and we had a nice drive.  Greenville is a beautiful up and coming city, with a nice downtown area.

Falls Park
We met Paul's work colleagues for lunch at an Indian buffet restaurant. There were 6 adults and 7 kids sitting down, so it was difficult to hold a decent conversation (always is with kids around).  Paul's colleagues have been out for a while, one for 6 weeks, the other for about 6 months.  It was nice to meet them, and get some hints and tips about what we are about to go through.  After lunch we took a walk, in the sweltering heat down to Falls Park.  They have a beautiful waterfall and a swinging bridge.  It was very hot so we headed back to the joyous air conditioned car and back to the hotel .

The boys thoroughly enjoyed their swim in the pool, followed by a nice leisurely dinner of crackers and cheese.  They went to bed fairly early, ready for the excitement of the next day.......

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