Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Signing our lives away....

Thursday began with a trip to the relocation company to sign the lease on the house.  This was fine.  They also sorted the utilities, so these should all be running when we move in.  The landlord had requested an extra form, which the company did.  They handed us a big security deposit check and sent us on our way.

From there we went round the corner to Greenville Zoo.  Not the biggest zoo in the world, but perfect for my children's concentration spans.  It is a nice zoo and I look forward to going back many times.  It is set on the outskirts of another park in Greenville, so it had some play parks just outside it which the boys loved, despite Sebastian making a run for it and going no where near the play facilities.  Isaac and Oliver loved it though.  We headed for some lunch then drove around a bit, so the boys could have a nap.  By now they were all flagging.

The afternoon was concluded with some testing for Oliver for his school.  It was set in a child development centre.  Oli was in for 45 minutes, in which time we waited for him. He did really well, think the tester was very impressed with him, and I don't blame her!!! This was one of the best places to eavesdrop on conversations about everyday life in Greenville, interesting stuff!

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