Tuesday, 4 September 2012

School visit

Friday was another early start as we had to be at Oliver's school for 9am.  It is lovely.  They have 4 classes per grade, with no more than 14 in a class. Oliver will go into grade 1, the equivalent of our year 1, but apparently they are quick to move them if they are achieving beyond their grade.  I think Oliver will love it.  Sports hall was like something from a film.  The school goes from kindergarten to end of high school.  The boys loved the library, and the outdoors space.  Olivers school day will be slightly longer 8am-3.05pm, but that is fine, as isaac's preschool starts at 8.30, so I can take him on the way back home.  Oliver does get 10 weeks summer holiday.  They break up the end of May, go back the 3rd week of August.  That's a long holiday.  But the school do run day camps during the holidays.  I have checked out last years schedule, and there are quite a lot for Oliver, and even a few for Isaac!

Paul had to go for a meeting in BMW that afternoon.  It was literally a whole hour talking about his visa.  Man that is one complicated procedure...glad he is dealing with it......he then had a meeting with his new boss which went well, before heading home for some pool time.

That evening we went to meet the owner of the house to drop off the security check.  He seemed very pleasant.  They had lived in the house from when it was built till they moved to Charlotte,NC.  They have many friends in the area still, and said it is a lovely place to live.

From there we went to the Bartons, one of Paul's work colleagues who moved out recently.  Their house is also beautiful, and we enjoyed some pizza while the kids played and watched Cars 2 for about the third time that week...

Was late by the time we got back. To the hotel, and the kids went straight to bed.  We did not want to have to think about coming home the next day...

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