Thursday, 20 September 2012

Packing part 1

Wow, what a week, and it's only Wednesday......

Monday, managed to get the boys to school and preschool fine.  Came home, got seb down for asleep, didn't manage to do any work, as I had so many people coming to buy things from me!  So by the time I sorted the stuff out, and seen the people, it was time to go and get Isaac again.  Went to Tiddlers group in the afternoon, was nice to see many of our friends again, and the boys had good fun.  Seb does not seem to agree with singing in a group, will sing fine at home on his own....  Spent the evening putting more stuff  on Facebook to sell, and sorting through more stuff to ship/chuck

Tuesday same again in the morning, more people round to buy more stuff.  I picked isaac up from preschool and we walked to another group, Noah's Ark.  We had not been in a while, but it was nice to see our friends, and catch up with all that's going on. It was nice. Bless the leader, Hope, she got everyone to sing 'for he's a jolly good fellow' as a good bye song to us all.  I managed to keep the tears away.  I have been going to that group for 5 years, most people remember when Isaac was born, and when Oliver was small.  We left group, picked Oliver up and took Isaac and Oliver for haircuts, their last ones here.  They just like the lollies they get.  I did this to give paul more time to sort the house ready for the shippers to arrive the next day. He had got quite a lot (of sleeping) done by the time we got home.  We spent the evening sorting the paperwork, and other stuff to sell... We drank to much this night, knowing we did not have to get put too early the next day

Wednesday dawned with a head ache....  I got oli ready for school, dropped him off, came back and the packer arrived.  He got straight on with it, as I took Isaac for preschool.  I came back to discover a grumpy seb and 2 boxes already packed.  We had previously gathered up all we wanted to take and put it in the corner in the front room.  I gathered up the rest of the stuff we wanted to take from around the house, and tried to sneak it towards the front room.  After about 5 boxes, they were weighed to see how near our limit we were. Looking good so far...  We then slimmed down what else we had, and managed to fill a good 8 boxes, coming in  10 pounds under weight.  We were able to take the Lego, playmobil,Thomas track master train track, lots of our clothes the odd ornament, some paintings by my step dad, and the wooden cricket set (vital, will never find it out there).  We filled 8 good sized boxes, the chap put them on the van, and off they went.  Then we started sorting everything else.  Paul opened the shed to discover bikes, scooters, scuttle bugs.... Oh dear...  I proceeded to spend the rest of the morning photographing  what was left in the house.  They all went onto Facebook last night.  I picked Isaac up from preschool and we went for a nice pub lunch.  Last night was spent putting lots of toys and books on Facebook. Luckily most of it is selling, and I am making good money.

Today I managed to do some work!  However I got an email from the Open University to tell me that they are struggling to get in contact with their exam centre in Greenville to rearrange my exam. I am going to email them tomorrow and say that I am happy to defer my exam till the next exam period.  Not sure I will have the inclination to revise for an exam on 16 th October, nor the time.  There is too much going on in our lives at the moment.  Had my good friends Philippa and Vicki round this afternoon to buy some toys, thanks guys x. This evening has been spent putting more stuff on Facebook to sell.

That's it for now, lots more to come, including the suitcase saga...

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