Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Last night in Timberleys

So it is our last night in our house tonight...... Oh my lordie, where has the time gone.  Best give an update...

Saturday we loaded up the car full of boxes of stuff to take to my dads.  Got to my dads, the boys munched out on lots of biscuits, and said hello to my gran, their great nan.  We went to Birdworld for the day.  The boys really enjoy it there.  It is just the right size for their concentration span, although a little overpriced.  We spent a few hours there.  My gran was not as able to walk around as the last time we went, but she still seemed to enjoy herself.  We went for a meal after which was very pleasant.  Was hard to say goodbye to my gran, I just hope it was not for the last time.

Sunday my mum and lee came down.  They arrived about 11am.  We began the packing of our suitcases, whilst watching the F1 and the football.  We filled 4 of the big suitcases, with another half full.  Paul even managed to get all of the Lego Duplo into the small suitcase.  We left enough clothing here to see us till Friday.  I made a nice roast beef for a late lunch, might be the last one for a while.  We finished off our packing, and paul and lee loaded the suitcases into mums fiesta, and they drove back up to Wokingham.  I spent the evening finishing off my assignment, then relaxing for a little while.

Monday was spent selling more things, and sorting more things.  My life seems to be selling and sorting....  Got isaac from preschool, came home had a quick lunch then headed out to Tiddlers.  This is another group, which I have been doing for about 5 years.  I have seen many come and go from this group, and the leaders change, but it has always been a good group, if a little cliquey at times.  But I will miss all my groups, they have been a fab way to meet people.
  I will be checking out the churches in Simpsonville to see if they have similar.  Monday night I went to the local, the Lamb for a few drinks with friends.  Given it was only Faye and I who indulged in alcoholic beverages, we got quite drunk.  It was good to see everyone for the final time.  And I didn't cry!!!  But I was very drunk.  I don't even remember getting home, never a good sign...

So today has been a bit of a write off.  People have been coming pretty much all day to collect goods.  Got rid of a good chunk of our living room to Natalie, and I think Angela is probably going to take the rest, thanks guys!  I have quite a lot more going tomorrow, normal school runs (i have cookies for teqchers, sweets for the children)plus I am having an open house in the Morning, followed by collecting paul mid morning, he has to give his car back in the morning.  Pick Isaac up from preschool, come home, sort out the last of the furniture, pack what's left to go, get Oliver from school, drive to my mums and start the craziness.

On the America front:  we are meeting our landlord at the house on Sunday night to do a walk thrugh and collect the keys.  My car will be ready on Tuesday morning.  

Getting really excited now.  Hope there is nothing I have forgotten.  There is so much going on at the moment, I could make this post much longer, but I am tired, and have too much to say...
Am going to miss being by the coast.  We have made a lot of friends down here, trying not to think about it... But will miss it lots...
Will try and post tomorrow, but may not get the chance.  I will be at my mums, while paul is at his parents.  I am also going out for a drink with my dad. 

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